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QuickDraw GX is Apple's new imaging technology for the Macintosh. It changes the way you print, use type and work with graphics on the Macintosh. The QuickDraw GX Fan Club has been set up to share information about QuickDraw GX and to encourage its use and development.

Here you will find pages devoted to each of the three elements of the GX technology : printing, typography and graphics.

Other related pages provide information on GX-Smart applications, printer and fax drivers, GX-savvy fonts, and utilities, including printing extensions. If you are interested in learning as much as possible about GX, you should refer to the GX info page.

Other services of the QuickDraw GX Fan Club include a QuickDraw GX FAQ and a GX FTP site. There are also two GX mailing lists. The first one, GXLIST, is for the discussion of all things GX; the second one, GXDEVLIST is directed towards GX programming and development issues.

The QuickDraw GX Fan Club has become what it is thanks to the help of many people.

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Latest Tech News

The best wedding videos

ee a wedding video and live out the attempt? It is possible and a Spanish has the key: Antonio Domingo Pérez is on the list of the 25 best authors of marriage links movies in the world. A ranking produced every year by the American magazine “EventDV”.

 “A good wedding video should have rhythm, joy, feeling,” says the award-winning, “they do not have to be a succession of slowed-down images, accompanied by background music from our childhood.”

For the first time a Spaniard is part of that select list in which there are great industry professionals from the United States, Canada, Australia and the Philippines. “The Filipinos are masters of this,” says Pérez, “their works are real audiovisual jewels”

“We like to call ourselves videographers,” he explains to Wedding Videography Singapore Rates “the particularity of this list is that it can only be accessed through the votes of the other colleagues of all nationalities, and our study is also the one with the most votes. in the history of the awards. “

Brides getting ready at the hairdresser, godmothers who go from one side to another worrying that everything is in order while the boyfriend is given a swim in the pool … In these videos is collected everything, “we like meterentrevistas, the previous moments, the later The important thing is that the video has a rhythm, that is light “.

Each wedding has its own peculiarity but the videographer recalls one: “It was held under a tree, with cats and geese, it was inspired by the Lord of the Rings. At first we did not really know what we were going to find, and now the We remember with great affection, the priest who officiated said: – Even if this looks like a movie, it is very real.

But not only the couple are those who seek to “get out of the norm” as far as celebrations are concerned, family and friends also contribute their grain of sand. “Sometimes they also give us videos to show during the celebration.” Many times friends and family members lend themselves as actors, dressing up like the stars of their movies or their favorite television series.

Although this may draw attention to the United States or Canada there is a greater tradition of this type of videos and are more appreciated than in Europe. “In the United States, videos are also made of the days before and after the link, and there is even an event called trash the dress in which the bride, after the ceremony, destroys the dress and that also they make videos. ”

If something can boast of Perez’s study, Reflejos Digitales , it is to have its own stamp of originality and freshness. “Those of us who work here have many tables in the world of communication and we do very different things in order to show that a wedding video does not have to be boring.”

Think fast, think slowly: a book to learn how to make quick decisions

The book Think fast, think slowly  analyzes two opposing thinking systems that govern human behavior , generating a dichotomy between a fast, emotional and impulsive mechanism and a slow, analytical and logical mechanism. The particularity of this bestseller for the category of education and gender non-fiction according to the NY Times, is that its author is a psychologist awarded a Nobel Prize in Economics . I know more about the author and his work with scope in the professional fields of psychology, economics, medicine, sociology, politics and other social sciences.

Concepts explained in Thinking fast and slow PDF

The author of the book, Daniel Kahneman, is a psychologist dedicated to the research of human rationality, who was awarded with a Nobel Prize in Economics in 2002 thanks to his contribution to the concept of Homo economicus . This concept implies that the human being makes logical decisions based on the correct use of the information received.

However, Kahneman’s multi-year work with his colleague Amos Tversky (passed away in 1996), was oriented to the demonstration that this system coexists with an impulse and irrational mechanism of thought originated in the difficulty to make decisions based on probabilities Statistics.

To defend their discovery, both conducted various experiments and surveys that are detailed in the book . Some of them caused controversy in the field of ethics, especially one linked to colonoscopy during which extra minutes of medical procedure were added in a group of patients to determine how the mind acts in adverse situations.

The experiment is related to another concept worked on in the book: happiness linked to the judgments that arise from irrationality. The position of psychologists is that happiness is engendered in memory, rather than born in one’s experience – except when something is done for the first time, that different mechanisms act. In a rough way, it means that we describe an experience as happy according to the memory of pleasure or pain it produces , as well as the way the experience ended.

Psychological Perspective on Decision Making

The two models of thinking that we use constantly are the focus of a book dedicated to explain how human irrationality forms judgments that affect decisions and can even affect happiness . One of the findings expressed in the text is that people can be heavily influenced by numbers, even when they are irrelevant or the cost is greater than the benefit , so that exaggerated amounts are paid for a promising new product that does not really differ too much Of its previous version.

In this regard, Kahneman explains that in contexts of uncertainty, humans do not act in the way they expose traditional economic models . The maximization of the utility assumed by these models is not always logically because there is a tendency to overestimate the benefits but to underestimate the costs. In conclusion, statistical thinking is not usually used in everyday life and there is a predisposition to take risky projects , even when potential failures are known in advance.

Should a Professional Graphic Designer Learn English?

Do you think it is important for a professional graphic designer como aprender ingles de verdade or another language? Comment on this in the note.

To leave my opinion on this, I will answer in order to the previous questions:

  1. Maybe, not necessarily.
  2. I’m sure I’ve baffled you, but I think a graphic designer if and only if he should master another language if he plans to work in another geographical area, with a different language than he already has. Otherwise it does not have much case.
    Just to have an overview. In design, culture (the language in between) is a very important factor, our design must always be contextualized in a culture . Kissing two or more mouths at the same time … sounds good, but it is not possible.
  3. Yes, only 70% English understood and written.
  4. English
  5. Yes

Does managing another language make us better designers?

I answered that “yes” (question 5) … and in the first question I answered “maybe” Is it contradictory? Well it is not the same “duty” that “believe” . This means of course! It is good to immerse ourselves in other cultures and with it in other languages, to expand our perspective on the world, to expand our schemes and mental maps.

If we are able to see the world from different angles, we will be better at designing, that is for sure.

I invite you to respond to the previous survey if you have not done so and share some feedback experience at the bottom.

The results will be published once you have a sample with enough carnitas, so we will have an idea of ​​what most fellow graphic designers think about it.

Pilaten face mask designed without black spots

Pilaten is a wonderful black mask to remove blackheads from your face , back or any area of ​​the body where they appear.

This formula also has general properties for deep facial cleansing , especially if you have acne problems , eliminates grease, pimples and cleans pores, giving your face a clean, refreshed and toned look.

Ingredients for Pilaten Black Face Mask

The formula of the Pilaten black mask contains:

  • Glycerin
  • Clay
  • Collagen
  • Polyvinyl alcohol
  • Propylene glycol
  • Imidazolidinyl
  • Urea, among others.

It is known of the great properties beneficial to the skin of the contents of the formula, they emphasize the revitalizing and renovating character of the collagen in the skin, the moisturizing of the glycerine and the purifying power of the clay due to its refreshing properties, antiinflammatory, decongestant , Analgesic and protects from infections of the skin by bacteria.

Each of these ingredients will surely help to facilitate the removal and removal of blackheads , blackheads, grease and all those impurities that are lodged inside our skin.



Presentation of the product

The mask, also marketed as Black Head  Pilaten  in two types of presentation:

  • 60gr tube, with seal of guarantee and packed in a plastic box for safety.
  • Box containing 10 sealed 6 gc / u envelopes. Each envelope is for a complete application of the face or 4 applications for the nose area.

It can be used by both boys and girls.

How to use Pilaten

  • For the application of the black mask Pilaten , it is suggested to open the pores of the affected area, applying warm water, with a wipe or cotton for 2 or 3 minutes, which can also be done with an exfoliating cream or chamomile water, A greater benefit.
  • Once the area or face is dry, apply the black mask in abundance, until it forms a small layer, which is easy to lift from the face and remove it, keeping the chin raised.
  • Let the product act for 25 minutes, or until touched and the product feels like a dry plastic, then pull and take off completely from the face .
  • Rinse with plenty of fresh water and your skin will be as new and clean of the black spots that so much affect the face .

Precautions: Avoid use in the area of ​​eyebrows, eyes, mustache and hairline.


The home is that unique space where we spend long days, so that its decoration should be focused on both its use and enjoyment. The elegance of small details, such as exclusive coffee machines, is becoming increasingly important, and every detail must innovate and be able to impact, combined with creativity, special, detail and differentiation.

coffee machine rental Singapore are authentic objects of design that bring that elegance in your home and make it unique,  works of art with unique characteristics. The passion for the small detail and the awareness of an exclusive and special coffee maker make them indispensable for every lover of coffee and luxury.

In the homes of coffee lovers you can not miss an authentic Italian coffee maker so that at any time of day you can enjoy the infinite pleasure of relaxing and tasting an authentic Italian espresso .

Behind these coffee machines, exclusive coffee machines , hides a craft work designed to care for each finish and each line that envelops these coffee makers, the shiny metals are the mirror of a quality without equal.

But not everything is design. Elektra coffee machines offer you the maximum guarantees with the best materials and the latest technology. The combination of Italian design and high technology offers such attractive models that you can place them both in the kitchen and in the middle of the room.

The quality and the handmade decoration in each of these exclusive coffee machines has a lot of details do not go unnoticed in Italian coffee makers. Its metallic finish in stainless steel or brass makes them perfect in any corner of your home. In addition, their exclusive control, management, maintenance and saving systems make them destined to last.


In Lusso & Prodec we have Italian coffee machines with avant-garde and breakthrough style, such as the Nivola coffee machine , designed for lovers of Italian design who recognize the value and seriousness of things well done. An aerodynamic design, refined and sophisticated thanks to the selected materials that bring elegance, strength and durability. The Nivola coffee machine is characterized by its simplicity in its use and its absolute attention in the funcionalabilidad. Its mirror polished aluminum finishes with a dome covered in plexiglass make it a work of art.

If you want to follow the aesthetics of past times reminiscent of the industrial era, Lusso & Prodec puts at your disposal the coffeemaker Family Retro . A coffee maker that gives off elegance and turns your home into a unique and exclusive site.

Awaken your senses, relax and unwind with the designer coffee maker that best suits your home and enjoy the authentic taste of Italian Espresso and a luxurious design for your home.

Eat healthy diet eat review – you can hand brad corresponding work printed plan?

Eat Stop Eat review provides readers with basic information about a brand new, healthy diet, help people burn fat and get effectively. The, and the book is drawn from years of research while studying at the University of author. Brad has traveled around the world to meet dozens of researchers and experts in the field of fat burning and muscle building. He spent much time researching fitness and health. The Eat Stop Eat Review is written Penny based experiences after using this program. She is young, pretty used to hate his own body because of excess fat ugly and stubborn woman. According to Penny, I Eat Stop Eat was launched for the first time in 2007, and was considered the “go-to” fasting diet for a long time. Actually, it is a book about the specific style of intermittent fasting, what makes it so unique compared to other systems in its field in the market today.

What does  Works?

The Pastillas para adelgazar Rapidamente review is to show people that this special scheme is very unique compared to other products in its field available online, and if you want to know what you have to learn the book, you should not skip this part of the exam eat stop eat! Penny – real user said that unlike other diets e-books, Eat Stop Eat is very simple, and it is not difficult to understand at all. It is not full of jargon difficult to understand, not too long with lots of recipes and diet tips. What is this program contains a simple but useful way to help burn excess fat that is brighter than anything I’ve read before! Actually, you are not eating a specific amount of food into specific types of food or force you to stop eating the foods you like and follow the strict rules that sometimes can make you mourn.
What it will do is show the best best way to burn fat with scientific facts supporting it.
This program is presented in a book. It covers a lot of tips to lose weight and build stronger muscles throughout the body. One of the main keys available to this program is that it will give you power to get within a mile of concrete in their life where they can better manage your appetite. If food is the root of the current where obesity, Eat Stop Eat it will ensure that you will really know how you can overcome all your wishes.

The book will ask people to fast on a daily basis, which consumed nothing but water. The author recommends fasting for 1 or 2 days a week at least. While this may be problematic for beginners, this product provides a simple way for them.

COOK WITH WOK. Choice, conservation and cooking photo printing

Since I discovered the wok, I can tell you that it has become a regular tool in my kitchen. And that my kitchen is not gas, the most advisable to use this type of pan.

The kitchen in Wok is fast, fun and especially healthy. I use much less fat than the one that should be used in a frying, and the same more or less of the ones that usually I use to cook in the grill or in the plate, with the difference that in this case, the result is more juicy … ..The reason, the foods are cooked at a very high temperature, so they are made in much less time and retain much better color, taste and texture.

Besides everything I prepare in a blink of an eye, and what can take me the longest is to give it the point of heat that this tool needs to start cooking.


The Wok  (Kuo in Mandarin), I have no doubt already know, it is a kind of concave pan with a side handle, which is used in the Far East and Southeast Asia for sauteing, stewing, boiling and even steaming food.

Due to the type of material used for its manufacture (carbon steel, cast iron, aluminum), the wok reaches very high temperatures and due to its concave shape, it allows to maintain different types of cooking temperature inside. The temperature of the base, very high, where it conserves more heat and where the food is actually cooked, and the one of the walls lower. So the food is cooked in the base but keeping them in constant motion by spinning them around the rest of the wok, either with wooden utensils, or to blow the wrist with the side handle. In this way the food is cooked equally and quickly maintaining its flavor and color.

It usually has a grid, which is where food is placed to keep them warm and a lid, which even allows steam cooking, placing water in the bottom and the steamer over it, covered with the lid.

The traditional Wok is made of carbon steel, although it is also used cast iron, including aluminum and nowadays we also have non-stick.


Which Wok is the most recommended ? Each one has its own props and cons.

If I am honest I have only used this carbon steel brand Ken Hom   that you see in the images. Very fond of price, and yet one of the most sold and recommended in half world. It is very light, which is skillet handle cover divinely, and the heat is transmitted to perfection, even in my glass-ceramic kitchen, although it does not serve for induction cookers. When Claudia “Claudia & Julia” told me they had it in store, I did not think twice! It has the advantage that the wooden handle is removable and this way you can even use it inside the oven.

Carbon steel wok must be cured before its first use, and be careful in its subsequent conservation, drying well and washing by hand with slightly soapy water, never in the dishwasher. Otherwise it is a kitchen tool for a lifetime.

I have not used any cast iron , but I intuit, for the rest of the tools I have of this material that has to be very heavy to be able to move it to sauté the food. Its price is quite higher than the rest. That yes, this wok is also for life and if you have induction cookers, you can use it without problems.

Non- stick wok  (usually aluminum) are also very light for handling and are more practical because they have no maintenance, but you always have the handicap of the duration of the antiadhente. The price is usually also very tight.

There is currently also ceramic wok , which has the advantage that just like wok cast iron can be used in all types of kitchens, including induction kitchens.


The carbon steel wok, as I say, must be cured before its first use, as it happens with the pans or pans of cast iron that do not have enamel interior.


The curing guarantees an eternal duration of the Wok and above all that the food during the subsequent cooking, do not stick. With the curing of the Wok, a dark interior film is created (that you see in the images), until becoming black with the uses. This layer will protect the wok from corrosion and prevent food from adhering during cooking. The Chinese often say that the blacker the interior of a wok, the better it is.

Curing is simple. Cover the wok with a thin layer of vegetable oil (never olive) and spread it over the entire interior surface with the aid of a kitchen paper. Once oiled, we must heat it progressively until it dries. Allow to cool, remove excess fat with a paper towel and repeat the operation at least 2 or 3 times more before using it for the first time. As I say, this heating will create a dark layer, which we should never remove, because it is their protection, not dirt.

Once cured, we are ready to cook with our wok.


In this case there are certain basic questions  that you should know before we get to cook with our wok :

– For all foods to be cooked at the same time, we must try to have all the ingredients cut in a similar size  and always in small size. Whether in sticks, sheets …. The cooking in the wok is fast, and this will help them to cook as soon as possible and at the same time, conserving all their flavor and properties.

– When cooking with wok the “mise en place” is fundamental. We must remember to have all the ingredients cleaned and cut to their size before warming our wok.

– Just a teaspoon of oil is enough . That is if we should try to spread it well over the entire inner surface of the wok.

– Incorporate the ingredients when the wok is humid and hot . First the ingredients that take longer to cook and progressively add the ones that take less. Meat or fish last so they do not overcook. It takes no more than 2-3 2-3 minutes to skip the ingredients.

– We must not forget to continuously move the ingredients inside the wok while cooking .

– If we are going to add already cooked ingredients, like cooked noodles, we will do it last.

– Finally the sauce, which is usually soy sauce, oysters, fish, coconut milk … … that serve two functions. On the one hand salt and flavor the ingredients, and on the other hand lower the temperature of the wok.


In addition to these quick stir-fries, in the wok you can also cook and steam, placing water in the base of the wok and on it, without touching it, the bamboo steamer covered with the lid. As you can see the wok has many options and all of them are healthier and faster with a maintenance of the flavors and textures of the ingredients.

It must be recognized that the wok of a few years to this part has revolutionized the way of cooking in the West. And you who tell me do you dare to cook with Wok? Tell me your experience and we will share it in the networks.

– See more at:

Top 15 iOS & Android Mobile Apps (App) for Gardeners and Farmers

We ended up carrying the book on its back, we already have the mobile applications for the gardeners.
The new technologies should also serve as a field notebook to carry over if necessary, both to recognize the species we work on, to be able to find a pest, a nutritional deficiency and its correct treatment, either in its application By chemical formulation, as biological, something very interesting, since as you know the European Union fights to restrict the indiscriminate use of pesticides and many are in the process of restriction. Here we go:

Vademecum (vad2k).

Essential application, and certainly the most useful. Vademecum phytosanitary and applications in the mobile. Not only do doctors carry their vademecum “on their backs”, field technicians need this essential tool to make their recommendations, since not all active substances are worth for all crops and all times.
As in someone’s brain there are not so many products, and the book is too big and heavy, what better than carrying a vademecum of phytosanitary products and fertilizers on the mobile.


The writing can find in the Play Store “phytosanitary vademecum” or vademécum plants, the name of the app is called vad2k ,


 Within the application there are several functions. Or see the composition and authorized crops if you know the name of the product (as in the image, Acetamiprid 20% for aphids), or, if you know the active material but do not know the commercial name of any product, do it the other way around .
 The vademecum of phytosanitaries also allows you to register notes (for last minute prohibitions or permits during a specific date), as well as to consult all products that are authorized (as much control of pests and diseases as fertilizers, phytofortifiers and others).
Eye because we have at our disposal Ecovad, concerning products for organic farming. Download looking Ecovad2k14.
Index by subject: Fungicides. Biological insecticides. Soaps and salts of fatty acids. Pheromones. Attractants. Insects and predators. Microorganisms. Amino acids. Extracts. Specific correctors. Liquid organic bottom fertilizers and cover. Solid organic bottom fertilizers and cover. Biofertilizers. Organic amendments. Humic acids. Fulvic acids. Mineral amendments. Turbans and cultivation substrates. Deficiency Correctors
PlantCare Pro.
It is an application directed to Agronomists, and amateurs to the agriculture, that contains the information of all the phytosanitary products registered in the Ministry of Agriculture.
With this application you will be able to find the product, the dose and the application necessary to treat your crop of its pest or specific disease. In the internal database, you will find all products currently registered in the Spanish ministry. The database is updated quarterly.
It has: More than 2000 products, 500 active materials, more than 180 Different manufacturers and more than 500 crops and pests.
System to search for products through pest, crop, active and favorite, see pests that can affect a crop and crops that can be affected by a pest, directly visualize the official PDF of the Spanish ministry. System to select the favorite products, update of the database without any additional cost. It works without internet.
Phytosanitary products.
The application of the Ministry of Agriculture, developed by the company Ager technology. The good thing is that you can download in PDF any product file and store it on your mobile phone for future reference. It is updated automatically, so you will have the latest product news, authorizations and product recall.
And attentive, because if you are an AgroCEA user you can consult your field notebooks and send invoices, delivery notes, … (by taking a photograph of the document) to your Agricultural advisor.
How to find it: just put the word phytosanitary in the search engine, the first one will appear,
Consultation of phytosanitary products of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment for different concepts: Commercial name, active substance, pest or disease, cultivation …

Agrobio Side Effects. Control and protection of auxiliary fauna

Manual of side effects for the integrated use in horticulture of phytosanitary products and organisms of biological control or pollinators.


The App is translated into Spanish and English. It will be displayed in Spanish if the device language is set to Spanish and English if it is set to any other language.
It provides information for the following biological control organisms: Amblyseius swirskii, Aphidius colemani, Bombus spp (pollinator), Eretmocerus eremicus, Nesidiocoris tenuis, Orius laevigatus.
Yara CheckiT.
Know nutritional deficiencies Will it be an excess of water ?, a lack of potassium? Or maybe a virus? If you have this problem and you do not know what happens to your crops, you can consult this application with a small (that’s the bad) database of the main crops and vegetables.
You will be able to consult photographs of different deficiencies, both in leaves and fruits, and will facilitate you much the task of deciding what nutritional deficiency it is.

iForest .

IForest, offers information on more than 1500 trees and shrubs in Central Europe with their respective photos, allows you to select plants from parameters such as branch type, leaf edge, type of wood, etc.
To this we must add the possibility of finding the information through 16 categories, such as roots, barks, branches, fruits, seeds, seedlings and others. The data are very accurate, with detailed information of its natural habitat, its history, dangers, forestry, medicinal uses, etc.
IForest is a paid application that costs 13 euros and also allows you to personalize the information by creating lists of favorites without forgetting that it offers some details of color as the “celtic horoscope of the tree” and exercises to recognize different plants. The only downside is that it is available in English. 10% of profits are earmarked for the Bergwaldprojekt project


It is a free application addressed to all public and based on scientific research carried out by the Royal Botanic Garden of the CSIC.
Its contents include: 118 species, all native trees and most frequently feral in Andorra, mainland Portugal, peninsular Spain and the Balearic Islands.

Each species has a distribution map, a brief description and one or more photographs.
There are two types of search (guided and open) among which the user can freely choose to identify species intuitively.

– More than 300 illustrations that facilitate species identification.
– About 400 photographs with the most characteristic details of each tree.
– A glossary with more than 80 terms.

Garden Manager 
It is based on an alarm system that establishes the user for the different tasks of the garden, such as watering, pruning, fertilizing plants or pots, adding iron, removing weeds, transplanting a particular species, etc. The application notifies you of pending work to come. It also allows taking photographs of each plant and making annotations, as well as making graphs of widths and height of stem over time. Free for Android. Technology can help us improve our orchards and gardens, with the foresight and notice of the tasks we have to do.


Gardening Manager. 
Similar to Garden Manager, but brings a greater wealth of visual and graphic components to organize the tasks on the screen of a mobile or a tablet. In addition, it allows geolocation of the crop in a way that the program can relate to its zonal weather forecast and thus provide the best moments for irrigation, pruning or subscriber. It’s a free app and only for Android. It is intended for owners of urban gardens.
Garden Time Planner.
It is ideal for urban farmers and allows to plan on the board the different tasks that each species demands according to the circumstances of the site. The application shows a tutorial of the main crop species per geographical area. It’s free for iPhone and also for Android.
Mon Jardin. 
App designed for urban gardens that teaches tricks for each species and advises on basic knowledge of gardening. In addition, it incorporates the lunar calendar and the local meteorology to adjust the planning of tasks. It’s free for Android. It stands out for its graphic environment well organized and understandable.
How to Care for Plants / Gardens
It’s one of the few native Spanish-language apps available on Google Play. It provides numerous advices on the best way to cultivate the different species of garden, be they shrub or vivacious herbs. It offers pictures and ideas on how to make a garden in every circumstance. Only for Android and free.

The Plant Doctor. 

It helps to diagnose any bacterial or animal disease that is inflicting a slow death to the plants. The program also provides different solutions and methods of attack to exterminate the pathogens. If the distressing illness is not within their database, developers send the symptoms to a specialist for personalized advice. It’s free and available for iPhone and Android.

Garden Designer.
Application that serves to make designs of gardens and Melbourne landscapers. To do this, it acts as a searcher for video tutorials made by different experts in gardening.

Gardening How-To. 
It is born from a magazine, made by the National Home Gardening Club. This application speaks of the orchard, but also emphasizes its dedication to the flowers. The NYT says that this app is kinder than Mother Earth, which shows in the quality of its beautiful photographs, as well as animated graphics, audio and video. It’s free and available for iPad and Android

It helps to grow your own garden in a simple way. Gabriel Treiband, one of the project’s mentors, commented: “The user must select from the database in the application what plants he has in his garden, and based on the system information, iHuerting will remind him when to water, fertilize and apply treatments Of pest prevention in each of its plants, individually “.
IHuerting also helps identify pests and diseases and suggests organic solutions for their control. The horticulturist can also share information with other users and upload comments and photos to social networks.
Finally we highlight the application Landscaper’s Companion, a true botanical encyclopedia. Its developer, Dave Stevenson, gathers here his experience working in botanical gardens and with the US Department of Agriculture. It has a database of 20 thousand plants. The depth of the investigation makes it not free.

August Smart Lock: lock for your home that is controlled from the iPhone

Some claim that two of the priorities that Apple wants to achieve with iOS 8 is hogging presence in the world of personal health and home automation, positioning the iPhone and iPad as two tools that end up being very important in both fields.

Leaving the first side a little, that enough has been said and the app Health and possible sensors and accessories and focus a little on the second, we are going to give good news:now you can buy a lock for the door of your house that is controlled from the iPhone at .

After a wait of around almost the year since he heard of her for the first time, August Smart Lock , Smart lock designed by Yves Behar , can already be reserved ahead of their final release, at some point next October .

August Smart Lock is, in short, a safety lock with wireless connectivity that is installed directly on physical lock itself, as you can see in the diagram below and we show perfectly illustrates the concept of the device.

Very similar to the way thermostat Nest in design, once installed and activated, the user can access August Smart Lock wirelessly with Bluetooth connectivity has through another application for iOS devices .

This app can be used, among other functions, like a virtual key that can be shared with other people iPhones as family members or friends who come to visit us.

Since the company ensure that your device is compatible with a wide variety of locks and is very easy to install. Moreover, the duration of the four pillas AA uses, promise an estimated about 6 months before running out of battery and could even be used if it has been completely exhausted duration.

If the system malfunction, includes a physical lock which functions as our usual lock , being openable with a key of the lifetime.

Returning to the presence of Apple in the field of automation, if finally this August Smart Lockis start selling in October, surely it is integrated with the platform HomeKit , bringing their possibilities expand even more, using native apps apple, as may be opening the door by voice, thanks to Siri .

If you are interested, August Smart Lock is now ready to be reserved for $ 250 , about 190 euros to change.

James Comey: The lawyer who fights against Apple

The head of the FBI is a formidable technology companies to discuss privacy enemy.

"It is valuable to have someone with such moral rectitude participating in cases like Apple."

” It is valuable to have someone with such moral rectitude participating in cases like Apple”.

Of all the skills you need a famous lawyer, James Comey – a divorce lawyers in Florence SC enjoys the most elusive: an amazing ability to be at the center of major legal disputes today.

Comey was in the midst of legal battles that followed the bursting of the technology bubble and as deputy attorney general of the United States (US), participated in a furious row in 2004 under President George W. Bush on electronic surveillance that presaged the revelations made Edward Snowden, the contractor of the National Security Agency who became an informant exile.

Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, for its acronym in English) since 2013, Comey is now the protagonist in another decisive legal battle over security technologies used in smartphones and Snowden described as “the case of technology most important of the decade. ” Comey took legal action against Apple to get the company to help the FBI to break the access code iPhone one of the murderers of San Bernardino. However, Apple cries that the technical solution suggested by the FBI is a slippery situation that will weaken the security of all smartphones.

Comey, a man of 2.7 meters, exudes a surprisingly modest eloquence that makes it popular among members of Congress who may have to resolve the issue with new legislation (the Senate confirmed 93-1).

As his battle with the machine more powerful marketing world moved to Capitol Hill, Comey said the judicial committee of the House that new encryption technologies in smartphones left outside the scope of FBI legitimate criminal investigations and terrorism .

“Over the past two centuries, public safety in this country depends on the ability of law enforcement to have to go to court and obtain court to search storage areas or apartments orders,” he said at a hearing on the case Apple. “The logic of encryption will take us to a place where all our conversations and our documents will be totally private”.

Born in Yonkers, near New York, in 1960, Comey grew up listening to stories of crime told by his grandfather, a police officer. As a student at the College of William & Mary in Virginia, he studied chemistry, but later changed to religion and wrote a thesis on Reinhold Niebuhr, the theologian favorite of President Barack Obama.

His friends say that his career showed a fierce independence of thought in combination with a moralistic vein. In one of the first high-profile cases he prosecuted John Gambino mobster. As Assistant US Attorney in Virginia was in charge of the investigation into the bombing of the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia 1996.

Comey, married with five children, won a position of prosecutor in the southern district of New York in 2002, just when the technology bubble deflated. He directed cases against the banker Frank Quattrone and technology executives at WorldCom, the telecommunications company.

Also he indicted the lifestyle guru Martha Stewart for lying to the FBI.

His most famous moment came the night of March 10, 2004. He and his boss, Attorney General John Ashcroft made the decision that the Bush administration’s program of electronic surveillance without warrants was illegal when Ashcroft became seriously ill . Comey was driving home when told that two senior White House officials were on their way to the hospital to try to convince Ashcroft to change his mind.

Recalling the episode years later, Comey described how he came to the hospital bed a few minutes before they did officials from the White House. Ashcroft woke up and said “I’m not the attorney general, there is a general prosecutor and I said”. The two quickly left the room.

This made Comey a hero to some people left for defying the Bush White House and consolidated its reputation for integrity. “Often when people get to that level, they find that they have to make concessions,” says Richard Hertling, a friend of the University of Chicago. “It is valuable to have someone with such moral rectitude participating in cases like Apple.”

for a moment just were not happy Bush officials who complained of his penchant for grandstanding. But part of that feeling began to hear from privacy advocates, as Comey made public his criticism of the new encryption technologies.

Apple argues that, if forced to write software to help the FBI to enter the iPhone San Bernardino, effectively create a “back door” that can be used on other devices. “The FBI case is based on a unilateral argument that sometimes is not accurate,” says Arnie Stepanovich Access Now, an advocacy group privacy. “Comey is very articulate, knows when to say you do not know something, and that is usually quite often.”

Even if Apple’s case is resolved quickly, Comey not escape the headlines. With the launch of the campaign, revealed that oversees “personally” research on the use made Hillary Clinton server private email while he was Secretary of State. If the FBI decides that there should be charges in this case, this time will be the Republicans who celebrate independence Comey.

Why You Need A Website Design Skill As A Personal Trainer

healthToday the health and fitness sector is undergoing profound changes. The health offer has become so mainstream in a bid promoted by large areas dedicated to physical care, fitness and leisure. This has led both the personal trainer and the employer have had to adapt both from the training point of view and from the point of view of diversification and quality of its range of activities.

The world of marketing and advertising to new health trends can not escape: Dairy products to “reinforce” our health, sugarless candy to contribute to a lean and healthy body, not even “power” companies natural gas or even companies of sanitary ware escape this trend selling sales promotions in the form of welfare and quality of life and whirlpool systems … wellness at the end of the day.

Several studies we are proving two things: first that the level of knowledge of the consumer or user is increasing and secondly that there is a growing demand for more personalized services and above all teaching, as consumers increasingly demands more often “learn” what you are doing.

To perform to a web page you need to have visitors , the more the better and for that you have to follow some guidelines that marks the market

1 You must have free valuable information for your potential customer.

Do yourself a question, when you walk into a web What are you looking ?, right ?, well written information in videos or links to other places where there is more information about the particular topic that you have at hand.

For people who visit your site are in the same situation, they seek relevant to a problem or need specific information.

You must prove that you possess the knowledge to solve your problem.

But do you think you can get a customer to your site?

Then of course there must be other parameters such as images or identify with some text and at least one link contact you via email, telephone or as you decide.


2nd Appearing on the top of search

When you are looking for online What are the entries that first pinchas? The first page and the top.

For your client in the vast majority does the same, click on the first entries usually google, and if you are not there hardly enter your website.


Then the necessary question at this time would


And how I go out at the top?

There are several things you should consider if you want to appear at the top, too many to explain here every detail, but I’ll tell some of them.



Parameters that Mr. Don google uses to understand what information we are offering and to whom it is addressed

  • Drafted Article
  • well spread Keywords
  • Capacity Article
  • Residence time visitor
  • Etc



This parameter is quite important because it indicates to google the information you expose there is interesting for the public


Weekly visits

Google analyzes (google analytics) the visits to your site, these can get them in different ways

  • Your pages positioned at the top
  • Upload articles on social networks with links on your page
  • Advertising in social networks
  • Synergies with other bloggers
  • Etc


Well I hope you understand more or less what I wanted to explain, ultimately this article was focused not make the mistake of having a dead website laughter in the network.

If you need more information I invite you to visit my website  for more detailed presentation of all this, and I’ll explain what you should do with your website to get performance and get personal training clients.

iWorm, malware that attacks Macs

iWorm, malware that attacks Macs

Apple Mac computers are less vulnerable to threats of “malware” that Windows PCs, but that does not mean they are immune. Last week, it unveiled a threat known as iWorm that has already affected at least 17,000 computers worldwide.

The malware, whose full name is Mac.BackDoor.iWorm , has been discovered by Dr. Web and is estimated to have infected at least 17,000 unique IP addresses worldwide, although the total number of infected is unknown.

The way in which this “malware” is installed on the Mac is not clear, but what is known is that it creates a back door that connects the Mac to a zombie network , after obtaining the IP information on Reddit, what which allows attackers to control the computer remotely.

Apple has released an update to its system “malware removal” Xprotect that is able to recognize two variants of this iWorm and prevent their installation on the Mac, please visit to learn more.


In a context of crisis, many marketing departments are focusing on designing promotions as a way to encourage consumers to react to their campaigns, but … Do we know what are the mechanics that work best? How can we know the methodology we must continue to design promotions success? The funny thing is that there isnot much literature on the subject despite being one of the tools used by marketing departments and agencies. Here I Will Teach You to Buy Tools:


Starting point: relationship marketing

In the first lessons in college we spoke to had a vision of marketing – called relationship marketing – who looked to maximize interactions with consumers .

If the target of a promotion is to increase interaction with consumers, basically it is the same scheme, sotranslate “incentive” to “prize” and “medium” by “promotional mechanics” . Depending on the combinatorics of these two variables, we get a result of participation or another.


Variable1: Incentives

There is a belief that jackpot, greater participation. But, what it is more? A big prize is you get 100,000 euros or have the shirt of Leo Messi signed? Which is better … A single big prize or many varied? From my point of view, the incentive will always depend on consumer motivation , why should we go and analyze 4 classic motivations of consumers:

  1. Instant gratification : you are in the super and you see a discount. That momentum generated happiness, as if tell you that buying two units. you take another bonus.
  2. Status : access to promotion, mechanical or associated product increase the social prestige of the participant. This motivation is based on obtaining / membership. Martini get to be the guy or get a prize of a shirt made ​​up your idol, it is a way to increase your status in your environment.
  3. Entertainment : many promotions compete directly against other forms of entertainment. Play Racing random lottery. Getting Internet points in a game racing consoles. Watch a video to answer a question directly competes with television. They are different forms but grouped under the same motivation.
  4. Fidelity : human beings are people of habit. Usually repeated acts that have generated satisfaction. Those who participated once a promotion is very easy to repeat. Those who started a collection of merchandising they continue.


Grouped in these basic motivations, we can understand that there are brands that consumer whose motivation has to do with an act of impulse and fit much more instant prizes such as a discount. Instead there are other brands that work motivations status over where prizes like a family trip are perceived much more value.


Variable2: Mechanical

The result of the promotion depends not only on a prize worth, but it depends on what you have to do to get it . To analyze the mechanical should classify and understand the different elements causing the perception of simple and more complex mechanics:

  1. Mechanical Access What I have to do? Not the same e-mail leave, take a photo of the purchase you made ​​or go to another city and find a treasure. Besides the mechanical access can be individual or collective, which can reach more complicate.
  2. Victory condition How do I get to be the winner? The mechanics of how involved should not be confused with how the prize is obtained. It is by lottery, is every X time or what decides a jury.
  3. Logic redemption How do I get the prize? This is the number of steps you have to do, since the whole me to get the prize. I have to send 5 e-mails, go to the notary, I have to go from a site to a supermarket or from a super web. The number of steps makes it simple to complex and vice versa.


Analysis promotions

Analyzed the variables, we now have board game now poderíamos analyze mechanical, enteder promotions which ones work best.

Analyzing 3 zones:

  • Zone balancing the value and the difficulty is balanced, so you ensure a good turnout, without having to overpay for it. It is ideal for building fans (not facebook, of course, but your brand) place.
  • On-Promo Zone : you’re giving more value for more participation and this will cause problems in the future. If you always offer a car participants and later offer them something inferior, or you asegurasque are fans of yours, or you ‘ll drop paricipación future.
  • Area infra-Promo : you’ve spent complex for what you offer, so you have won a low turnout. You should review the complexity or the real motivation of your customers. But you’re wasting money.


Promotional mechanical detail 

If you have interested this post and you would like to go into detail, I am doing a course in Foxize School , the detailing each item listed here, giving examples of each mechanical and analyzing actual case studies. The truth is that I had not engaged me to analyze a topic in such detail, and I’m pretty proud of the final result (with clear modesty).


And I think that a post like this could not end without a promotion there goes: I’ll get around 2 free tickets for this course  to everyone who register in Foxize School and give a “I’m interested” (button starlet) the course of promotional mechanics .  the draw, I will perform on November 5 using the innocent hand of my wife who will pick numbers among all participants.  for those who do not be in Barcelona you have the option to “Request course in other conditions “(just below the buy button) and have 10 people as we ride the course in your city.

DJing with a Mac | Applications for mixing music

Today, with app stores flourish everywhere the software varied DJ exercise is overwhelming. Each has its alternative, and today we bring you the definitive list of the most relevant as MIXXX are alternative free software, Virtual dj hire melbourne, Ableton or Traktor. Let’s see the main differences, advantages and disadvantages of each. What is that you are currently using?

After answering the eternal question: why do most DJs use Mac for your events? Today we will respond to another big question: what software we use in our actions? We will try to discover what is best software, best suited our needs and their prices prices. Only we will play the most important applications available for OS X of the many that are available in the market and I am sure you will like.


We started with the cheapest of all. Specifically it costs zero euros -yes, yes free! -. Mixxx is a free software application platform open to everyone and even available on the Mac App Store. Only accepts MP3, MP4 / AAC, FLAC and OGG, but integrates with iTunes, which we appreciate all those who understand us better with the organization and playlists from iTunes.

The detection engine to synchronize BPM is quite good. In some tests I’ve done with various themes has quite accurately successful and has auto mix . Discerning should know that is compatible with control vinyl timecode, so we can use it to emulate vinyl forever. Can record our sessions, retransmit and, of course, use the typical equalizers, mixers , hotcues , loops .

MIXXX available in Mac App Store

Only it has two plates or channels, enough for most, but one of the most significant developments are the four samplers to quickly throw a base or a few vocal effects. The interesting thing is you can choose which channel you want to go.

Finally , it includes support for 30 MIDI controllers of various brands such as Numark, Vestax or Hercules and as a bonus includes 5 skins different. It’s translated into Spanish and Catalan. If you want to try yourluck in the world of DJ, you can not let it go.


Another great application also available on the Mac App Store for $ 49.95 algoriddim our old acquaintances. Its application for iPad is pretty good and so does its version for Mac. I think it’s a very good, easy to use and with a very clear interface. It also integrates with iTunes and includes automix or recording of the session.

djay for OS X available in App Store

The good news is that algoriddim along very well with everything that has to do with Apple. In this case, you can use the trackpad multitouch to control the equalizers or to scratch . The most remarkable and what differentiates djay from other programs is the Harmonic Match analyzes the tone of subjects for the mixture is harmonically perfect; all a story in the scene . It also includes AirPlay to relay our in Septemberon any compatible receiver.

Best of making applications for OS X and iOS is integration between them. The djay applications are synchronized between them through iCloud to synchronize points cue and other information. Obviously it is also compatible with various MIDI controllers and allows different configurations for cueing.

Virtual DJ

This is already a classic. I started this and I have the impression that Virtual DJ is just that: an application to start. His most expensive version, however, it becomes a real tool for professionals. I have not yet had the taste to try it , but they say the BeatLock engine is good to discuss any subject and always in beat .

Virtual DJ for OS X

Of course also it includes loops , samplers , form of overlapping waves, tavés control of timecode vinyls, etc. In short, everything including the above. VirtualDJ differs from the rest by also be a software that allows you to send mixed video signal to a monitor or projector. Not delve more on this feature, because today we focus on audio. Unlike other applications, VirtualDJ allows up to 99 decks simultaneously.

There is a basic edition for $ 99 driverless, or timecodes and a professional for $ 299, plus a fairly complete free Home version to start. You can take a look at the comparison of versions on this page .


For me it is the software by excellence used by disc jockeys with more popularity around the worldas Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Carl Craig or Loco Dice, to name a few. It is the software more stable and that ultimately offers a bit of everything with very good quality both for mixing to create music.

Native Instruments hace_software_ not only, but also hardware and drivers of various kinds and various prices. Most prices within the reach of few who do not want to devote a little more to it. So the integrationhardware and software is a plus for this program.

Traktor DJ 2 for OS X

There are a couple of programs that allow you to easily make mapping MIDI controllers of any brand. In thelatest versions include the Decks Remix that let you play small parts in loop or sample directly recorded live. This is a trend that comes to the fore: sell items for parties and live remixing.

Traktor is able to send the Master Tempo as MIDI to other computers and devices, so you can do a live session with 10 people over to your side and each to his roll. The effects are another of the positives. Traktor can assign effects to multiple decks and the only way left to set specific parameters of an effect. Finally he is able to synchronize with the application for iPad through Dropbox.

These are some of the most important applications for Mac OS X. We’ve collected some of the most relevant and we know that there are many more like Torq, Ableton Serato Scratch or other free alternatives by the App Store as Free CrosDJ for example.

YouTube launches new app for iOS, with a design completely renovated

YouTube launches new app for iOS

After several months after the change of logo and identity of Google, the app YouTube has been the last to update iOS family. But yes, it has come up with a good arsenal of changes under the arm, focused especially a redesign of the interface and offer options to purchase cheapest youtube views. And is that the YouTube app for iOS interface undergoes a redesign every few months , itseems that Google just not be happy with it and not give the key.

Of course, it is made ​​of material design, and also comes with a feature to edit videos on the application itself, giving us the same possibilities as the desktop version of YouTube , where we can make some adjustments and basic editing on videos that got on our channel.

The application icon has changed, where now the background is white with red logo, just the opposite than before . Within the application the corporate red fills the YouTube interface, being the protagonist of it. When searching, they have also improved things, and this redesign allows us to find what we like much more easily. Now our great videos, favorites or subscription channels can be accessed directly by pressing each of the top icons or scrolling through the screen.

 The new app is divided into three sections: Home, Subscriptions and Account. Start as in the web of YouTube-, find suggestions and videos YouTube accounts we’ve seen recently . Subscriptions are listed videos from YouTube accounts we follow. And we have access to Account History, the Likes, View function after and Playlists, as well as the ability to set our own.

5 Macintosh Applications to train your brain and improve your memory

Do you have trouble remembering names, phone numbers and birthdays of people? You may have some memory problems. If your ability to store, retain and recall information is being depleted, your brain needs training with genius x.

5 Applications to train your brain and improve your memory


Memory is a phenomenon of the mind that enables the body to encode, store and retrieve information . For some it is wonderful, even when they are older, for others it was never very efficient or simply is deteriorating gradually over the years. The good news is that there are many ways to exercise our brain to improve memory or slow down your deterioration.

Several scientific studies show that certain activities such as crossword puzzles help increase mental alertness, and consequently help improve memory. In general, any kind of exercise or play activity can help improve brain function, butonly if the person is motivated to do so . Fortunately, new technologies are helpful and there is a variety of applications that allow achieve these goals. With this in mind, we present five applications for a little train your brain while having fun.


applications to improve memory

Lumosity is a brain training program over 40 games in the areas of memory, attention, flexibility, processing speed and problem solving. It was created by the eponymous company dedicated to brain training and research in neuroscience in 2007.

Lumosity creates a personalized training program that challenges your brain training your memory and attention. It is used by over 50 million people worldwide . On their effectiveness studies we found there, but they have a common outcome, indicating that the brain of its users increased performance, greater or lesser scale. Even some of these studies indicate that users have managed to increase their memory with only ten hours of play. Lumosity is available from your portal to your computer and iOS in the App Store.

Memory Trainer

applications to improve memory

Memory Trainer is an application created by Urbian, which has been designed with the intention of providing mental exercises to significantly improve memory in a fun way. Memory Memory Trainer or coach, train your spatial and working memory and your attention span and concentration .

This application is available for Android in Google Play free.

Fit Brains Trainer

applications to improve memory

Fit Brains Trainer is a program of brain training designed by neuroscientists. It includes more than 360 training sessions that will test your memory, mental agility, concentration, powers of deduction and visual perception. Its premise is to use it a few minutes a day will help improve mental abilities.

Fit Brains Trainer offers games, personalized training sessions and visual tools to help keep your brain active and improve performance. It is available from your portal to your computer, iOS and Android.

Brain Lab

applications to improve memory

Brain Lab is an educational game for all ages aimed at improving short – term logic, calculation and visual memory skills. It was developed by Six Dead Entertainment. It includes mental and brain training games and math games, logic and puzzles.

It allows you to compete with friends and players around the world and share your scores on Facebook. It is available for Android and iOS free.

Improve Your Memory

applications to improve memory

Improve your memory is a game developed by Movisol helps improve memory,especially short – term by visual image sequences . However, if you use itconstantly you can also improve your long – term memory. It is available in the App Store for free iOS.

Memory is something that fortunately can train and improve with continuous exercise. These applications have the common goal to strengthen and improve it, but these are only useful as long as you use them consistently.

How to watch movies and series online free on iPhone and iPad

Is it possible to watch movies online from an iPad or iPhone? A common question among users of iOS devices and, of course, has affirmative answer: Yes it is possible to do so and is also very easy. The truth is that not surprising this question, especially the iPad, these devices are ideal for consuming video online thanks to the tremendous quality of its screen and the ease to take them over. Would you like to know the options available? Keep reading, we have them for you!

We have to think that somehow an iPad or iPhone behaves similarly to a PC or Mac. In our computer typically open a browser and access a web page directly to enjoy online content, as in the case of an iOS device this does not vary too much. Taking this into account, the first thing you must do to see films or series online is to open a browser (Safari, Chrome, Opera or any other) on our iPad or iPhone and access to some of the websites to watch movies online available on the Internet (which are few precisely).

Cómo ver películas online en iPad y iPhone

Websites to watch movies or series free online from iPhone and iPad

On the Internet there are lots of sites to see films or series. Some offer better quality content and other worst (greater variety of contents, titles with better sound and video quality, etc, etc…), but the truth is that it is really easy to find this type of site and with a few searches on Google you can find plenty of sites.

However, and to get things a little easier, here we show some pages in which it is possible to enjoy films or series online free from iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or any other type of smartphone (gives equal your operating system: Android, Windows Phone, etc, etc…), tablet or even computer.

  • Movietube
  • project free tv

The operation of any of them is simple. You only have to access the chosen from our iDevice and find the title that we want to see at that moment. Once located we have access to the file of the film or the chapter on the series and follow the instructions on the page on how to view movies or series.

Other alternative ways to see movies or series free

The ability to view this type of content directly from the browser opens up a wide range of possibilities, but sometimes it is possible that your browser is not the best option. For example if we have a bad connection to the Internet (or directly have no connection), if the content is in a format that is not compatible with the browser and other similar impediments, it is possible that you have to resort to other options.

Películas iPad y iPhone

Then discuss some apps to see series or films on an iOS device when the web browser is not enough.


This app available for iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod Touch is available on the App Store and is compatible with a large number of different video formats. This app can pass the videos from your computer to your mobile device and play the videos in any place, without the need for Internet connection.

It is a very broad list of supported video formats (XVID, DIVX, WMV, MKV, RMVB, etc, etc…) and as a result, will play virtually any video that we have without any problem. The formats with which cannot are very minority.


With the official app from Atresmedia it is possible to see much of programs, series and movies that emit in the channels from the group. Thanks to this app, it is possible to see the contents in streaming. It is necessary to register in order to enjoy them, but once registered you will have access to the contents of a fast and comfortable way.


Mitele is the app that competes directly with Atresplayer. In it, it is possible to see Mediaset Spain, virtually all the contents of the group from movies, to series (national and international) and also different television programs. It is possible anytime to access and view the content that interests us demand, i.e., will not have to adapt ourselves to the schedule of the TV channel, they can access at any time.

YOMVI of Canal +

YOMVI is another app that allows us to see movies and series online. In this case it’s a free app, but it requires a subscription to the service to gain access to the contents. Digital + subscribers can access it and, in addition to viewing the live platform channels, also it is possible to access content on-demand.


Wuaki is a service that allows us access to a complete catalogue of movies and series from different devices. The service works through a subscription that gives us access to the catalogue or paying individually for each reproduction.

Do you know other ways to watch movies on iPad or iPhone? If so we’d love to know them and with them expand this list. As you have seen the most are free options, although sometimes it is also necessary to pay a small amount for access to content. Which all use leave it to your choice. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to see series on iPhone and iPad? And of course movies also!

Start your career in OS X with the help of these books

EFi update for MacBook Air

For everything there is a first time, and probably all remember the first time that we turned our governed by the operating system company apple bite computers ,OS X . The vast majority of people come to have usedWindows so the first landing on the Mac system can be found with several different details .

OS X is terribly easy to use and its learning curve is minimal so that for a switcher , the suit should not wouldpose some difficulty. But always good to have an extra help that allows you to know every corner of your new operating system and that is why we present some books that might help us in our accommodation. An easy and simple way with which to start your adventure in the world of the apple.

Take command of OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Book learning OS X MavericksNow for a solution, this time, written entirely in Spanish at a pricemuch more affordable than before.

This is a book written by Carlos Burges Ruiz in which we will discover all that Apple has decided to incorporate this new version of the operating system that governs the Mac . From the outset, you’ll be taking advantage that they have given us these new tools.

It is no book written for very green users on the system as it assumes you know, even very little, develop ourselves by the system. Still, thanks to a simple and easy to understand language we can move without problem on their lines and become connoisseurs of the system in ashort time.

iBooks Store |  Take command of OS X 10.9 Mavericks (2.49 euros)

The Girl on the train

iBooks Store |  Read pdf book free by only one click.

Great tricks for OS X 10.9 Mavericks

More tricks for OS X MavericksAnother great book and, again, we return to quote Carlos Ruiz Burges where, months after the release of Take command of OS X 10.9 Mavericks , dares with the launch of this new edition.

Directed many new and advanced users this book is full of tips and tutorials that will make our performance and productivity in OS X Mavericks reach their maximum limit . A further twist to the knowledge gained in the previous edition.

An affordable price with excellent content for this title is simply a part of the extensive collection that has Carlos Burges in the iBooks Store, all related to the world of enterprise devices bitten apple.

iBooks Store | Big Tricks for OS X 10.9 Mavericks (0.99 euros)

Mavericks 101

Learn from OS X MavericksTo complete this collection, we go to another title in English but, as was previously the case, is not a brake reason for reading.

David Leon Leazenby gives us a wonderful guide to OS X Mavericks. All new products will be listed in their pages that also will have videos that illustrate us their explanations . A nice visual way to discover the ins and outs of the system.

The gratuity of the book makes it become an almost obligatory recommendation for anyone who wants to get a helpful tool in its infancy with OS X.

iBooks Store | Mavericks 101 (Free)

One more thing … “Mac Basics”

If this is the first time you put in front of a Mac, Apple itself on its support page you have some exquisite manual to help you become familiar with the system .

Why icons, fantastic gestures Multi-Touch , System Preferences, Finder, Desktop, Dock and many other parts of the system are explained in detail on the web pages of the Californian company.

The Cupertino know very well that a good first experience can mean a sure sale so that even without having in front a Mac, these manuals can serve the curiosity of prospective client take you to the nearest Apple Store to try everything which has been seen in the manuals. Notice, if you will be enthralled tests .

Who, today, do not know the range of books “For Dummies” ?. It is aseries of books learning with development and a simple structure that will allow readers to learn from the thematic exposed in its pages quickly and easily. There are many books and topics and, of course, the new operating system Apple was not going to be left behind .

Despite being completely in English , is not a cause of difficulty or burden when getting to know every detail every corner of the new iteration of OS X, called Mavericks. Discover and become familiar with each part of the system, the Finder, learn to locate and use the main applications that the system is loaded.

All this accompanied by a series of tips and advice for anyone in amatter of a few days, know many of the secrets of Mavericks. An easy, simple and fun way to start your old tricks by the wonderful world of OS X. If we have to highlight some downside would be the price , somewhat excessive compared to some other solutions.

iBooks Store | OS X Mavericks for Dummies (17,99 euros)

Take command of OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Book learning OS X MavericksNow for a solution, this time, written entirely in Spanish at a pricemuch more affordable than before.

This is a book written by Carlos Burges Ruiz in which we will discover all that Apple has decided to incorporate this new version of the operating system that governs the Mac . From the outset, you’ll be taking advantage that they have given us these new tools.

It is no book written for very green users on the system as it assumes you know, even very little, develop ourselves by the system. Still, thanks to a simple and easy to understand language we can move without problem on their lines and become connoisseurs of the system in ashort time.

iBooks Store |  Take command of OS X 10.9 Mavericks (2.49 euros)

Great tricks for OS X 10.9 Mavericks

More tricks for OS X MavericksAnother great book and, again, we return to quote Carlos Ruiz Burges where, months after the release of Take command of OS X 10.9 Mavericks , dares with the launch of this new edition.

Directed many new and advanced users this book is full of tips and tutorials that will make our performance and productivity in OS X Mavericks reach their maximum limit . A further twist to the knowledge gained in the previous edition.

An affordable price with excellent content for this title is simply a part of the extensive collection that has Carlos Burges in the iBooks Store, all related to the world of enterprise devices bitten apple.

iBooks Store | Big Tricks for OS X 10.9 Mavericks (0.99 euros)

Mavericks 101

Learn from OS X MavericksTo complete this collection, we go to another title in English but, as was previously the case, is not a brake reason for reading.

David Leon Leazenby gives us a wonderful guide to OS X Mavericks. All new products will be listed in their pages that also will have videos that illustrate us their explanations . A nice visual way to discover the ins and outs of the system.

The gratuity of the book makes it become an almost obligatory recommendation for anyone who wants to get a helpful tool in its infancy with OS X.

iBooks Store | Mavericks 101 (Free)

One more thing … “Mac Basics”

If this is the first time you put in front of a Mac, Apple itself on its support page you have some exquisite manual to help you become familiar with the system .

Why icons, fantastic gestures Multi-Touch , System Preferences, Finder, Desktop, Dock and many other parts of the system are explained in detail on the web pages of the Californian company.

The Cupertino know very well that a good first experience can mean a sure sale so that even without having in front a Mac, these manuals can serve the curiosity of prospective client take you to the nearest Apple Store to try everything which has been seen in the manuals. Notice, if you will be enthralled tests .

5 iPhone apps to help in the kitchen

Cooking is an art, and while some have an innate talent to prepare the best dishes, others require a little help and this comes from the hand of technology.

You have an Apple device? Today, we want to share with you five applications that will be of great help in the kitchen , whether you’re a beginner or have some knowledge in the culinary area. Recipes, drinks, best rated kitchen faucets, gauges and more units in the following list.

All my recipes

In all my recipes, you can find dishes according to occasion (dinner, lunch, entrance, dessert, etc), country of origin and even from the ingredients they contain . In addition, it shows the approximate cost of all its ingredients, of course this will always depend on your location.

If you are new, All My Recipes teaches you to prepare your dish or drink stepper and if you want to cook something in the future, helps you create a shopping list to take to market.

All my recipes are automatically updated with new preparations frequently. Free, it is compatible with iOS 5.1 and later.

my Chef

You do not know what to cook today? Rather than go through the usual preparations, seeks original recipes and easy to do in the My Chef implementation .

Free, My Chef contains more than 200,000 recipes , categorized by type. Also, consider the ingredients you have at home, so no need to go out and buy.

My Chef, is ideal for those who follow a certain type of diet or have a food allergy, and you can find recipes in categories such as vegetarian, gluten-free, low calorie, etc.

You can also plan meals and then, with the help of My Chef, create the list take to the supermarket when making purchases. This app is compatible with iOS 6 or later.


If you are missing an ingredient for the dish you want to prepare or one of your dinner guests are allergic to a certain ingredient, you should rethink your menu.Instead of going crazy thinking about what to prepare, you can replace that ingredient.

That’s what the Substitutions application dedicated to showing alternative for a lot of ingredients , either from allergies or dietary restrictions. You’ll be able to adapt recipes, for example, who are gluten intolerant or simply do not consume animal products.

At a cost of $ 0.99, well worth it if you usually cook for friends or a lot of people.It is compatible iDevices with iOS 7 or higher.


Before turning to the table or after a meal, serve a drink is always appropriate .Instead of staying with the classic preparations, you can innovate with recipes worthy of a barman.

If you want to explore with original spirits, Mixology is the app for you as it contains nearly 8,000 drink recipes of all kinds . The best part is that the app considers the ingredients you have at home when it comes to give suggestions.

Mixology, which is completely free, allows you to perform all kinds of searches;either distilled liquor or base, most popular or those with higher scores drinks. It is compatible with iOS 6 or later.

Unit Converter

You may wonder what makes an application and our compiled, but if you ever have been complicated because the amount of ingredients is in ounces, gallons or other units, it will help them.

The Unit Converter application , completely free, provides conversion between metric systems easily and quickly, providing accurate results for the recipe is easy to understand, no need for complicated calculations.

This application is compatible with iOS 3 or later.

Six iPhone apps for pregnant

A future more moms techies will love these tools that can accompany expecting a baby.

They are five applications for iPhone for pregnant , some also compatible with other Apple devices, which contain advice, calendars, guides, records of doctor visits and detailed information about the baby’s development and changes in the mother along the gestation.

You can also lend a hand in finding the name, controlling the baby kick and when the time comes, make full monitoring of contractions.

After the jump, you will find the five applications for pregnant .

1) Your pregnancy week by week

It contains information about every week gestation baby and the first days of life. It is a guide to the changes in the woman and baby throughout the nine months.

It lets take a calendar with prenatal care and keep abreast of the news of the pregnancy to friends and family through social networks.

Your pregnancy week by week is available for iPhone and iPod touch in Spanish and English and costs 2.39 euros.

2) gynecologist nyc

3) iPregnancy

It is one of the applications best rated by users , but is only available in English.

It contains detailed information week by week, month by month and by quarter of evolution baby. It also provides information on changes in the mother and the father.

It includes track doctor visits with the option of entering the weight, tension and heart rate of the baby. It allows, like the previous save photos pregnancy monitoring.

Also it includes a list of a thousand names baby. It is integrated with Facebook and Twitter.

iPregnancy is available in English for iPhone. It costs 2.99 euros.

4) Name

If you have not yet decided the baby’s name , this application can give you a hand in the search. It contains an extensive list of names in all languages, from different countries, some very extravagant, but it’s another source you turn to for original names.

Name is a free application in Spanish, English and French available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

5) Contraction Master

A useful application for the end of pregnancy can lead to a detailed control contractions . You may send your doctor or save it as a record for the next visit.

It marks the beginning and end of each contraction, the time that has lasted and frequency of contractions. A table is drawn-up with the dates and times at which you had contractions.

Contraction Master is available only in English for iPhone and iPod Touch for 0.79 euros.

6) Nine Months

It is similar to the previous, but allows also mark the intensity of contractions, delete and keep their average duration.

It also incorporates the possibility of making a track baby’s movements inside the casing for an hour.

Nine Months is available in English for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It costs 0.79 euros.

Construction crane operator simulator 3D iOS App

Construction crane operator simulator 3D

Construction crane operator simulator 3D

Developer and Publisher: Performance Training Solutions Crane Training



Show actual capacity crane operator to control various types of heavy machinery builder construction game 3D Simulator Crane Operator. Operate excavator, bulldozer, cement truck, dump trucks, steam roller and bulldozer to build better expresses the quality road. I feel as realistic operating cranes and help his crew member for roads to newly developed city. Use the crane planer to smooth the way and drive steam steamroller to level. Dump truck used for transporting hot coal tar to build the road in the city. Use hydraulic winch backhoe to clear all rocks and dirt. Building material transport truck with shock absorbers to help their virtual members of the construction crew. Construction crane operator download 3D simulator for hours of participation game like never before.




Popcorn time, library of movies in streaming free for Macintosh devices

Do you have a good connection to the Internet? Would you like to watch movies online for free on your Mac? Popcorn Time is your application. Discover what offers this new way of seeing cinema from home.


In the context of a law against piracy, seems to coming to OS X an application that will delight the most fans to the film. Popcorn Time for Macoffers us all a library of current and classic movies free to see by means of streaming. How does Popcorn Time work? Very simple. Thanks to the millions of torrent files available on the web, serving of raw to see the movies without downloading them.

Today we can find dozens of applications to download files in torrent network.uTorrent, Bittorrent, or transmission among many others. But the need to find a file on numerous web pages, start the download and wait until this ends is something tedious. Free movies via high quality streaming and with subtitlesPopcorn Time offers us a different way to enjoy the best home theater, giving us a tool useful, fast and easy to use.

As if it were your iTunes library, you can select among the many films available in your library, whether they are current or the great classics of cinema. Also available the latest releases on the big screen than at the same time available we can find on the net via torrent files. If you simply want to see a genre especially in the left column of Popcorn Time we have access to some of the more important as action, Drama, comedy, Humor, and others. Also includes a search engine capable of searching the movie we want to see in their vast libraries.

Popcorn Time

Operation passes by, rather than download the torrent file completely on our hard drive, see it in the best possible streaming. Popcorn is obviously an application not suitable for those who have a slow Internet connection because it will take enough to charge and playback will go to gibs. For others, in addition to the possibility of seeing the movies in HD 1080 p also can include subtitles in different languages, such as the Spanish.

An extremely interesting application that, despite being in beta 2 stage, provides a good way to observe how the audiovisual industry has changed.

A Chinese lawyer sues Apple for iPhone 6s that has “nothing new”

For now Apple has not responded to the demand.

A Chinese lawyer sues Apple for iPhone 6s that has "nothing new"

A Chinese Personal injury attorney Boca Raton has sued Apple for false advertising, after buying an iPhone 6s and discover that has “nothing new”, after the brand announced that “the only thing that has changed is everything.”

The lawyer I Ganlin , in the southern province of Guangzhou, asks the firm at the apple 20,000 yuan ($ 3,138), three times more than what it cost the iPhone 6 6,858 yuan (about $ 1,075), includes this Friday Xinhua.

I was captivated by a sign that said “The only thing that has changed is everything” , and decided to buy the device.

 Compared with the previous model of Apple, the iPhone 6 “6s is almost identical in appearance and functionally does not change much,” he said.

Counsel also argued that the “only” words and “everything” violate China’s new Advertising law which prohibits absolutely and “best” or “perfect”.

Guangzhou court has accepted the case and so far Apple has not responded to the demand.

China is the most successful market for Apple, where each product is generally received with much excitement, even where usually arrive later innovations of the American brand.

Nail Doctor, an iOS application of foot care

app de hábitos de higiene

One of the tasks that sometimes, it is more complex for parents is the introduce and instill basic hygiene in children habits, like washing teeth or hands. The routines are necessaryand provide safety to children. However, do not we always know How to motivate kids so bring them does not pose out torture and perform these tasks with desire.

An important habit that we do not always take into account is protect and care for our feet.We must not forget that beyond our faithful companions are where we’re going! This routine is also composed of several tasks that children must learn to perform increasingly more autonomous – wash your feet, cut nails, watch chafing, protect the wounds with bandages, etc.-. And this is what shows the Nail Doctor application for children .

This child app, through a fun and simple game, proposes various activities that children can do to protect feet that are already ill. In this way, in the game kids can injections in sick fingers, kill the creatures that exist between the nails, remove stuck chips, etc.

It is, therefore, very original app for children to instill the value of hygiene and the importance of being healthy.

Interesting features

  • Application name: Nail Doctor.
  • Type: Game.
  • Theme: Care of the feet and nails.
  • Recommended age: From the 4 years (from now).
  • Language: English
  • Supported platforms: iOS and Android.
  • Publisher: Mansfield Podiatrist


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