In the context of a law against piracy, seems to coming to OS X an application that will delight the most fans to the film. Popcorn Time for Macoffers us all a library of current and classic movies free to see by means of streaming. How does Popcorn Time work? Very simple. Thanks to the millions of torrent files available on the web, serving of raw to see the movies without downloading them.

Today we can find dozens of applications to download files in torrent network.uTorrent, Bittorrent, or transmission among many others. But the need to find a file on numerous web pages, start the download and wait until this ends is something tedious. Free movies via high quality streaming and with subtitlesPopcorn Time offers us a different way to enjoy the best home theater, giving us a tool useful, fast and easy to use.

As if it were your iTunes library, you can select among the many films available in your library, whether they are current or the great classics of cinema. Also available the latest releases on the big screen than at the same time available we can find on the net via torrent files. If you simply want to see a genre especially in the left column of Popcorn Time we have access to some of the more important as action, Drama, comedy, Humor, and others. Also includes a search engine capable of searching the movie we want to see in their vast libraries.

Popcorn Time

Operation passes by, rather than download the torrent file completely on our hard drive, see it in the best possible streaming. Popcorn is obviously an application not suitable for those who have a slow Internet connection because it will take enough to charge and playback will go to gibs. For others, in addition to the possibility of seeing the movies in HD 1080 p also can include subtitles in different languages, such as the Spanish.

An extremely interesting application that, despite being in beta 2 stage, provides a good way to observe how the audiovisual industry has changed.