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QuickDraw GX is Apple's new imaging technology for the Macintosh. It changes the way you print, use type and work with graphics on the Macintosh. The QuickDraw GX Fan Club has been set up to share information about QuickDraw GX and to encourage its use and development.

Here you will find pages devoted to each of the three elements of the GX technology : printing, typography and graphics.

Other related pages provide information on GX-Smart applications, printer and fax drivers, GX-savvy fonts, and utilities, including printing extensions. If you are interested in learning as much as possible about GX, you should refer to the GX info page.

Other services of the QuickDraw GX Fan Club include a QuickDraw GX FAQ and a GX FTP site. There are also two GX mailing lists. The first one, GXLIST, is for the discussion of all things GX; the second one, GXDEVLIST is directed towards GX programming and development issues.

The QuickDraw GX Fan Club has become what it is thanks to the help of many people.

You may access these pages via the handy index at the bottom of each page.

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