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The QuickDraw GX Fan Club is a non-profit effort to raise awareness about QuickDraw GX and products based on it. It was established by Kenneth Trueman. It went live on the Internet on April 16th, 1995.

This site was developed with the help of Lawrence D'Oliveiro, Jason T. Newman, Jon Bodner, Tan Jin Ho, Bob Cassidy, David K. Dean, Carl-Frédéric De Celles, Marshall Hall, Simon Lawson, Dave Walker, Dan Nolen III, Mirsky, John M. Dowd, Stephen Sample, Geoff Northcott, more to come?

Thanks also go out to those companies and their representatives who have sent me product info or clarified information contained here (SoftPress Systems, Ltd., Dave Hersey, Daniel Lipton, Franky Fu, and Brad Reigel of Apple, Michael Peirce of Peirce Software, Humayun Lari of Lari Software). Special thanks to Dave Opstad of Apple for cooperation, help, information and encouragement.

Please help us to develop these pages even more by sending me any info you might have including GX-Smart applications, utilities, GX drivers, and anything else you feel might be of use. Please don't hesitate to send us your comments. Help us to make this site as great as possible. You'll help yourself. :)

Apple Technology at Work

These pages were created on an Apple Power Macintosh 6100. HTML was produced in BBEdit. Graphics were created in LightningDraw GX and Adobe Photoshop. Mailing lists subscriptions are handled by Frontier. The mailing lists run on ListStar with the cooperation of Apple Internet Mail Server. Jetfuel is courtesy of the Coca-Cola Company of Atlanta, Georgia.

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