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GXPrinting - Control Strip Module

GXPrinting Control Strip
The GXPrinting Control Strip module brings a major shot of convenience to a rather inconvenient way of changing default printer settings when using, uggh, non-GX savvy applications, meaning those applications that have been revised to access the GX printing architecture, like those cool multi-panelled GX dialog boxes. GXPrinting does one thing, but it does it well!

Just drop GXPrinting into the Control Strip Modules folder in your system folder and restart. Your printing pleasure will automatically double. If you are running System 7.5.1 or later (or you have a recent Powerbook), you should have the Control Strip control panel installed ; if not, grab the System 7.5 Update 2.0 package and do a custom install of Control Strip.

GXPrinting is the work of Ubercool GX programmer Marshall Clow. Marshall also does custom GX driver development, so if you're interested, drop him a line. Marshall is a great member of the GX community as well as the Macintosh universe. He's very knowledgeable about baseball too.


Grab GXPrinting via HTTP with Netscape or another web client. GXPrintingis also available from the GX Fan Club's FTP archive. Please use an FTP client like Anarchie or Fetch to retrieve the GXifier Netscape seems to have trouble with ftp from a Mac server - I would highly recommend not using Netscape to download GXifier.

If you appreciate the GXPrinting as a utility, or you have some suggestions for its author, contact Marshall Clow via e-mail.

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