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Version 2.2 (1 January, 1997)

Maintained by Stephen Sample of Lari Software Inc. and Kenneth Trueman of the QuickDraw GX Fan Club.

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Changes since version 2.0:

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Purpose of this document

The purpose of this document is to answer Frequently Asked Questions about QuickDraw GX as a technology, and the uses of QuickDraw GX.

Table Of Contents

Questions & Answers
What do QuickDraw GX and GX-savvy applications let me do?
How will using GX-savvy applications help me?
What does QuickDraw GX offer to users of existing non-GX-savvy applications?
What is QuickDraw GX anyway?
What is the most recent version of QuickDraw GX?
Where can I get the most recent version of QuickDraw GX?
I no longer see my printer in the chooser. Why not?
How can I find a GX driver for my printer or fax machine?
How can I use non-GX printer and fax drivers?
Whenever I print pages using manual feed, I have to activate the Finder and dismiss the Manual Printing Alert. How can I keep this from happening?
How do I choose LaserWriter options for the particular printer I am using?
How do I select LaserWriter multi-purpose input trays for a particular printer?
My printer has two trays. How do I print to the second one in a non-GX application?
My printer icons keep moving on the desktop when I restart. Why?
When I print under QuickDraw GX, the About this Macintosh window shows a very large amount of System Software memory being used. Why does GX need so much memory to print?
What does installing QuickDraw GX or running Adobe's Type 1 Enabler do to my Type 1 fonts?
What is the single-file system and why is it an improvement?
Will my existing software work with single-file Type 1 fonts?
I already have GX installed. I just installed some PostScript fonts and they don't work.
Why are my PostScript Type 1 fonts so slow to draw on the screen?
Why don't my PostScript Type 3 fonts work?
What GX-enhanced fonts are available?
Applications and Utilities
Which applications are GX-compatible?
Errors and Incompatibilities
Hardware- and Software-Specific Errors
General Errors and Disabling GX
Why is the QuickDraw GX icon "crossed out" on startup?
QuickDraw GX Helper is installed, but the option "Turn Desktop Printing off" does not appear in the Apple menu of certain applications. Why is this?
How can I temporarily turn QuickDraw GX off?
My non-GX applications crash when I print with GX.
I'm trying to share my non-networked printer on the network. GX won't let me check the box that says "Non-QuickDraw GX systems may also use this printer". Why not?
PrinterShare GX crashes with the N-Up printing extension. How can I fix it?
Printing stops with an error code of -27949. What does this mean?
Why do desktop printer icons appear "crossed out" in the Save dialog box?
Other Sources of Information
Web Pages
QuickDraw GX Fan Club
GX Programmer's Intro
Official GX Home Page
Apple Technical Information Library
Lari Software Inc.
Peirce Software Inc.
QuickDraw GX Mailing lists

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Copyright (C) 1997 by Lari Software Inc. and Kenneth Trueman.

Maintained by Stephen Sample of Lari Software Inc. and Kenneth Trueman of the QuickDraw GX Fan Club.