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Font of the Month - August 1996

ITC Newtext GX

Foundry : International Typeface Corporation

This is a good text face that looks realy great as a display face too. It has a slight serif, just enough to give it some real personality. ITC NewText is a real treasure trove of glyphs, with lots of ligatures and character variations. Alot of them are hidden deep down, and you have to play with the font controls in a GX application to find them. ITC Newtext makes you work sometimes, but you are justly rewarded.

ITC is licensing their GX fonts fairly aggressively, and you can find some of them with programs like LightningDraw GX and UniQorn.

For purchasing information, contact International Typeface Corporation on the web or via e-mail. Their fonts are also available from most of the font distributors, like FontShop and FontHaus. Make sure to specify the GX version of ITC Newtext.

Here is a selection of some of the characters from ITC Newtext GX.

Character sets from ITC Newtext

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