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QuickDraw GX-smart applications

I have attempted to compile a list of those applications that, in some way, take advantage of QuickDraw GX's advanced printing, typography or graphics capabilities. After each product name, you will find the application's classification colour according to the table below.

What is GX-smart ?

Apple has defined what it means for a third-party product to be QuickDraw GX-aware, as well as what constitutes a truly QuickDraw GX-savvy product.

GX-aware button AWARE : This identifies those products that take advantage of features of the new print architecture, including font embedding and portable digital documents (PDD's). GX-savvy button SAVVY : GX-savvy apps support GX printing, work with GX fonts and rely on GX for all text handling. They also support multiple page formats within a single document and work with QuickDraw GX graphics.
GX-savvy plus button A GX-Savvy PLUS application is one that allows you to control type features like type resizing, kerning, spacing, condensing, etc. GX-dependent button QuickDraw GX DEPENDENT: This means that the application requires the presence of QuickDraw GX to function.

List of GX-Smart applications


Development Tools


Page Layout


  • pro Fit : Aware (also export of GX shapes)


Word Processors and text editors

Coming soon

This section features products that have been announced for use with QuickDraw GX. This list of upcoming applications is far from complete. If you know of any others, please let me know, so that I can add them to this list.

Abaca design
A new GX-based page layout program from Abaca Technology of Hong Kong. Abaca design should be available in September in Chinese, with other languages to follow.

Paceworks of Palo Alto will ship Dancer at MacWorld San Francisco. This multimedia content application offers tons of creative freedom. It will alow you to output as a QuickTime film among other things. See their website for more info.

List of GX-incompatible applications

database of GX compatibility issues. It is available at the Lari Software web site.

Note : There are usually two ways to work around an incompatibility with QuickDraw GX. Either turn off GX printing for the application with the help of QuickDraw GX Helper (a system extension installed via a custom install of GX, this allows you to default to your regular pre-GX printer driver - note that this only works with Apple printers) or use Lawrence D'Oliveiro's extension, OldPrint, which allows you to print with a non-Apple printer.

If the application still refuses to work, then you will have to completely disactivate GX.

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