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Printer and Fax Drivers

Here's a list of QuickDraw GX-compatible printer and fax drivers that I know of. These include drivers for printing to printers on Macintosh and non-Macintosh networks, as well as non-Macintosh printers directly connected to the Macintosh. You will also find a contact list for other printer or fax software manufacturers for which I have no information. If you have any info on any new printer or fax drivers, or know of any that I missed, please let me know so that I may keep this list current.

Printer drivers

The following is a list of GX printer drivers that are available. They are classified by printer manufacturer. Wherever possible, a URL is attached allowing you to retrieve that driver or get information from the company that makes it.

Apple Computer

  • Color StyleWriter 2200 GX
  • Color StyleWriter 2400 GX (regular 2400 and enhanced)
  • Color StyleWriter 2500 GX
  • Color StyleWriter Pro GX
  • ImageWriter GX
  • ImageWriter LQ GX
  • LaserWriter GX (all PostScript Apple LaserWriter models)
  • LaserWriter IISC GX
  • Personal LaserWriter LS/300 GX (LW 300/LW LS )
  • StyleWriter GX (StyleWriter I, II and 1200)
  • StyleWriter 1500 GX


COMPUTER:applications, Inc.*

  • FRM GX (Xerox 4850)
  • MacJET GX (Universal PCL/ HP compatible lasers)
  • OnPAGE GX (Universal (PPD driven) PS driver)
  • Star Micronics SJ-144MC GX


  • LabelWriter
  • LabelWriter II
  • LabelWriter II Plus
  • LabelWriter XL
  • LabelWriter XL Plus

DataProducts Corporation

  • LZR 1560 GX
  • LZR 1580 GX
  • LZR 2080 GX
  • Typhoon 8 GX
  • Typhoon 16 GX
  • Typhoon 20 GX

GCC Technologies



Lexmark International


  • MacPlot Pen Plotter Professional Raster GX
  • MacPlot Raster GX


  • SilentWriter 640 GX


  • Digital Palette GX



  • ColorPoint PS/PSX/PSN GX
  • ColorPoint PSE GX
  • ColorPoint PSF GX
  • ColorPoint PSH GX


Texas Instruments

  • microLaser 600
  • microLaser Pro 600
  • microLaser Pro e


OEM GX printer driver developers

QuickDraw GX Raster Image Processors (RIPs)

Dunaway Systems

QuickDraw GX printing to other platforms


Pathway Print Redirector
Made by The Wollongong Group, Inc., Pathway Print Redirector takes advantage of QuickDraw GX's printing capabilities to provide TCP/IP network printing with the Macintosh desktop. The Print Redirector is the first universal TCP/IP printing product to support LPR/LPD and NFS/PCNFSD protocols to print documents on printers located across a TCP/IP network.

DOS/Windows Compatible Printers

MacJET GX (Universal PCL/ HP compatible lasers)
MacJet GX is a universal GX driver for PCL and HP-compatible laser printers. For more information, visit the COMPUTER:applications, Inc. web site.

GDT Softworks' collection of printer drivers allowing you to print to over a thousand different PC printers from the Macintosh desktop.

Contact numbers for other printer manufacturers

I'm not sure if the following companies offer GX-compatible drivers ; I'm also looking for names of other printer manufacturers for the Macintosh, trying to find their sites on the net, looking for drivers, etc.


COMPUTER:applications, Inc. makes a VERY interesting solution for all PostScript and PCL printers. If your printer company does not offer a GX-compatible driver yet, or has no intention of doing so, this might be your solution. Their products, OnPAGE GX (Universal (PPD driven) PS driver) and MacJET GX (Universal PCL/ HP compatible lasers) parse printers' existing PPD files to offer %100-compatible GX drivers for your printers. Contact Steven E. Pierce for more information. They can be reached by phone at 919-846-9811.

A note from Alan Harper : You might mention that a QMS PS-410 does not work w/ Quickdraw GX and QMS seems to have no interest in developing a driver for it. (I think you know the story about this, it is rumored that the PS-410 does not have Adobe PostScript in its ROMs and so has "different" bugs than real PostScript :-), but QMS denies this.) I haven't contacted QMS in over a year about this problem, so they may have changed their policy, but I doubt it. In any event, there are probably a few PS-410 owners around who can't figure out why their printer doesn't work with PostScript and would be happy for the info. (April 15th, 1996)

If you would like to see GX versions of Dataproducts Corporation's drivers for the Typhoon 30, 40 and 60 printers, send a message to Scott Beckstead via e-mail at

Info for the StyleWriter 1200 : my sources tell me that there are no plans for a StyleWriter 1200-specific GX driver. The regular StyleWriter GX driver works. (June 6, 1995)

With regards to the original Apple Color Printer, I wouldn't expect GX support anytime soon. Development of printer drivers is not done by the GX programming team, but rather by Apple's printer division. They don't seem to want to support an older model that never sold well anyways.

Here's some info on the Color LaserWriter 12/600 PS : The current LW GX driver does not contain the specifics for the Color LW (info on number of trays, PostScript level, resolution, etc.). However, the Color LW will work with the driver, just as the LW GX driver works with any 3rd party PostScript printer. The driver just does not support any optional features of the printer. Full support for the Color LW will be in the next version of GX. Thanks to Brad Reigel for the clarifications.

With regards to Compaq's PageMarq line of printers, there seem to be no plans to develop GX drivers. Instead, Compaq recommends using Apple's LaserWriter GX driver. Christophe Lhomme reports troubles using the regular LaserWriter GX driver with this printer with regards to recognizing the A3 paper tray. I would invite all of you to mail Compaq Technical Support at and let them know that you want a GX driver ... (even if you don't have a PageMarq ! :-)

With regards to Fargo Electronics, they don't currently have any plans for GX drivers for their printers. They will probably examine the possibility once there are more GX-savvy applications.

The Epson Color Stylus GX driver seems to be taking a while. Epson is supposedly waiting for a more stable version of GX. I heard they were referring to version 1.0 of GX when they said this. Do they know about the more recent versions of GX ? You be the judge.

Lasermaster has no plans to support GX.

Xanté has no immediate plans to support QuickDraw GX. The regular LaserWriter GX driver will work with their printers but will not allow you to take advantage of any special features in their printers.

Fax Drivers

Contact numbers for other fax software manufacturers

  • 4-Sight (4-Sight L.C. : 1-800-243-0530)
  • ColorLink (Laser Today International)
  • Faxcom for Macintosh (Biscom: 508-250-1800)
  • Fax Pro for Macintosh (Delrina)
  • FaxPro II (Cypress Research : 408-752-2700)
  • Faxcilitate (
  • ValueFax (
Are there any others ? What's up with Hayes Smartcom, USR, etc. ?


From a recent post to UseNet (November 15, 1995), it would seem that Delrina has no plans to offer a GX version of their fax package.

Laser Today International, makers of ColorLink color fax software plan to incorporate GX support into the next version of their product. Look for version 2.0 of ColorLink around the end of the year.

4-Sight L.C. which makes 4-Sight group fax software has no immediate plans to support GX, but they have looked at it. According to a company rep, Apple keeps "moving the goalposts" with GX, making it hard to code a good driver.

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