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While every font may be considered a GX Font *, many type foundries are developing fonts that will exploit GX's special typographical features. This is a partial list of type foundries that offer GX fonts. Parts of it are taken from a list of font vendors compiled on an Apple Promotional CD.

Note : According to the specification for GX fonts, the naming convention suggests that there be no special name for GX fonts, and that, in effect, the name "GX" should not be tagged onto fonts. Contrary to the font specification, the use of GX to identify GX fonts seems to be the practice. Also look for the word "Plus" in the name of a font as an indication that it is a GX font (example : Tekton Plus).

Adobe Systems

Adobe has announced versions of Adobe Garamond and Caflisch Script which will implement some GX features. No date has been announced. They seem to be waiting on the sidelines to see if there is significant interest for GX fonts or not. For the moment, they have only one GX font on the market ; it is included with the QuickDraw GX 1.1.x installer.
  • Tekton Plus

Apple Computer

  • Apple Chancery
  • Hoefler Text
  • Skia


In January 1995, Bitstream announced the MasterWorks CD. It includes a collection of new additions to the library in PostScript format, a suite of TrueType GX fonts, and a selection from the larger library that includes Bitstream's most popular and unique type designs. The MasterWorks CD has a suggested US list price of $399. (taken from the Bitstream Press release page )

  • Amerigo GX BT (2 weights)
  • Bernhard Modern BT GX
  • Bernhard Tango GX BT
  • Chianti GX BT (2 weights)
  • MisterEarl GX BT
  • Oranda Condensed GX BT

Galapagos Design

You can reach Galapagos Design online via either or

  • Kennedy GX Normal
  • Kristen Normal GD GX
  • Maiandra GD GX-Roman

International Typeface Corporation (ITC)

Founded in 1969, International Typeface Corporation (ITC) has been responsible for the creation and refinement of over 650 typefaces. ITC was originally formed to meet the new challenges and opportunities of phototypesetting. "Our goal has always been to produce typefaces of the highest quality using the most advanced technology available". According to Harold Grey of ITC, "ITC fonts were originally designed with hundreds of characters including tons of special ligatures because they were used in advertising work here in New York".

You may contact ITC for more information on America Online or AppleLink. For font purchasing information contact Karen Nagle at

  • ITC Anna GX
  • ITC Charter GX (2 weights)
  • ITC Highlander Bk It GX (4 weights)
  • ITC Newtext Demi GX (2 weights)
  • ITC Studio Script GX


Linotype has released the Linotype GX Core Set CD. It contains GX-enhanced versions of all the standard 35 Postscript fonts minus Zapf Dingbats (which has no additional characters). You may contact Linotype-Hell by telephone at 1-800-633-1900; Aftermarket Sales (516) 434-2000; Fax (516) 434-2720. You may also e-mail Linotype-Hell for information at

  • BottleKaps (Variation Font)
  • Courier (4 weights)
  • Electra (Variation Font)
  • Frutiger (Variation Font)
  • Futura
  • Helvetica (4 weights)
  • Helvetica Narrow (4 weights)
  • Herculanum
  • ITC Avant Garde (4 weights)
  • ITC Bookman (4 weights)
  • ITC New Century Schoolbook (4 weights)
  • ITC Zapf Chancery medium italic (1 weight)
  • ITC Zapf Dingbats
  • Linotype Didot
  • Notre Dame
  • Optima
  • Palatino (4 weights)
  • PMN Caecilia
  • Present
  • Shelley Allegro, Andante, Volante
  • Stempel Garamond
  • Times (4 weights)
  • Univers
  • Washington

The Font Bureau

The Font Bureau created 4 GX fonts as part of a presentation on QuickDraw GX commissioned by Apple entitled the GX Type Circus.

  • Buffalo Gals
  • Chunk
  • Jam
  • Zycon

Shareware and Public Domain

Other foundries

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