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More information on QuickDraw GX

An interesting article from Apple Directions, The Future of Mac OS Graphics details the role that QuickDraw GX will play under Copland, the next version of the Macintosh Operating System.

You can learn more about printing with QuickDraw GX by sending a message requesting information to website. They offer the "Peirce Guide to QuickDraw GX Printing". It's a little guide that offers lots of info on GX and they give it out free to anyone who asks. Mention that you saw this notice on the QuickDraw GX Fan Club page. A little notoriety never hurts.

An excellent guide to QuickDraw GX, printing in particular, is by Simon Lawson of the U.K. Entitled "The Online Guide to QuickDraw GX", this guide, available here in QuickDraw GX's Portable Digital Document (PDD) format, as well as a self-contained viewer application, it contains a wealth of GX-related info. With lots of screenshots, it is very well done.

Simon Lawson, of "The Online Guide to QuickDraw GX" fame, has recently started up the GX News, a regular e-zine with lots of info about QuickDraw GX. It is available from my ftp site. Simon is concentrating his efforts on the GX News. it is in some ways a supplement to the Online Guide to QuickDraw GX, as the original is rather long to update.

An interesting source of information about QuickDraw GX fonts is the GX Type Expo presentation that is included on System 7.5 compact discs, including the Upgrade CDs. It shows all the wonderful possibilities that exist with QuickDraw GX fonts. If you haven't taken the tour yet, think about it.

Another cool source of info is the GX Type Circus, a Macromedia Director presentation available now at Apple's developer ftp site. It graphically shows the wonderful possibilities of GX fonts. (Download the entire contents of the directory to run the presentation)

For some more technical information on QuickDraw GX and the way it works with fonts and type, you can consult the comp.fonts FAQ by Norman Walsh of O'Reilly and Associates.

To understand the font controls available in Ready, Set, Go! GX and other GX-typography compatible apps, check out Using the GX controls.

You can also find information about QuickDraw GX in two articles by Tonya Engst in TidBits issues #243 and #244 from September 1994, and #258 from January 1995.

MacWorld magazine has begun putting back-issues on the Web. You may do a general search of their archives from here.

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MacUser and MacWeek magazines offer you the chance to search archives of their previous issues via the ZD Net Search page. You may consult the Ziffnet archives directly with this form.

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Another good source of information is the Apple Technical Information Library (ATIL) which contains lots of interesting info about QuickDraw GX. By using this form, you may consult the ATIL directly from here:

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You may also consult the Usenet archives at You can perform a keyword search on a number of comp.sys.mac newsgroups.

Apple recently added a page devoted to QuickDraw GX to its MacOS and System Software collection of pages. The QuickDraw GX Brochure has some good info and good graphics examples.

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