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July 14, 1997

  • Softpress Systems, makers of UniQorn, a GX-based page layout program, have recently announced Freeway, a new Website/Webpage editor that uses Apple's newly revised GXGraphics extension. Details, including a pre-release version are available at their website.

July 11, 1997

  • Lunaflora has recently released two new OpenDoc-based parts that use QuickDraw GX. GXer, adds GX typographicsl controls to applications like NisusWriter 5.0 and Wav, and GXDraw allows you to use GX's advanced graphics capabilities in any OpenDoc part or container. Grab the demos here.
  • QuickDraw GX 1.1.6 will ship as part of MacOS 8. No longer supporting GX printer drivers or extensions, it is now called "GXGraphics". It also no longer enables your fonts when you install it, so you will have to install the Type 1 Enabler utility via a Custom install.
  • If you plan to use GXGraphics 1.1.6 and a GX-based application and Adobe Type 1 Fonts, you'll also need Adobe Type Manager 4.0.2. No signs of an update from Adobe yet.
  • PaceWorks recently released ObjectDancer 1.1 and an updater is avaiable. This GX savvy animation tool is now fine-tuned for the broadcast video market.
  • Dust off the dust. Sorry I have been away for so long. Apple's decision to can GX printing, coupled with their other technological decisions on March 14th really put me into a funk about Apple and its stuff. I'm sorry I haven't answered your e-mails or requests. Please accept my most profound apologies. I have been overwhelmed by a new job at Adrenaline Software, and all my time has been spent doing my regular day job and getting a bunch of new products shipped.

March 24, 1997

    In the latest alpha version of MacOS 8 (AKA Tempo), QuickDraw GX installs as GXGraphics. The version number is 1.1.6b1, which lends some credence to the rumours that GX 1.2 will never see the light of day. Considering the fact that the main feature of GX 1.2 was a much improved printing process, this might not be so bad.

March 7, 1997

    MacWeek reports on Apple dropping the GX print architecture, as well as some info on future versions of GX.

March 3, 1997

  • The official press release announcing the dropping of the GX print architecture from GX is now available. Positive spin indeed. What upsets me the most is the feeling that Apple never really gave GX a chance. I now work for a company doing OpenDoc development, and am wondering if the same fate awaits. Oh well. :)
  • The LunaFlora LiveObject, GXer, is apparently bundled with the Japanese version of NisusWriter 5.0, giving it GX tyopgraphy capabilities. Nisus originally had decided to not add GX typography functions to the 5.0 release of NisusWriter directly.
  • The GX mailing lists are down at iXmedia because they decided to move from a MacOS server set-up to Windows NT. The traffic was also pretty heavy too. It was free after all, so we can't complain. I'm working with some folks at Apple to get the GX mailing lists up on a listserv there. Another few weeks or so. Please be patient. I will announce it here when I have the news.

March 3, 1997

  • Lunaflora has created GXer, an OpenDoc LiveObject that adds GX typography features to any OpenDoc part por container. It adds WorldScript support too. It's available for purchase online at Unfortuantely, the link to Lunaflora's home page was broken, and I can't figure it out.
  • The announcement that GX printing was being dropped made the headlines on a number of Mac sites. The GXFC got referenced alot. I wrote to the eidtors of some of tose sites to clarify the fact that GX itself was not dead, and that applications like UniQorn, ObjectDancer, etc., continue to work happily, and already work without GX printing (using the GX Graphics INIT).
  • Unfortunately, many OpenDoc parts seem to have problems with GX printing as it is, including Cyberdog and Adrenaline Numbers & Charts. Apple has apparently already dropped GX printing question support from its DTS organization. Apparently, since GX printing will dropped under temp, they figure it's not worth owkring out problems now. This means that some currently shipping (or shipping soon) apps might have problems until Tempo ships in July. Tempo is the code name for system software release MacOS 7.7.

February 21, 1997

  • It's now official : GX printing will be dropped from GX 1.2. Read the details in this message from Franky Fu, GX Evangelist.

February 15, 1997

  • The February issue of Apple Directions has an article for developers entitled "Making QuickDraw GX more usable", but is can be read by anyone. Interesting, non-negative title, don't you think. It basically illustrates Apple's push towards getting developers to adopt the graphics portions of GX (aka MacOS Graphics Architecture) and away from the printing aspect.
  • Lawrence D'Oliveiro has released a new version of SimpleView, his cool utility for viewing PDD files. Thanks Lawrence !

February 13, 1997

  • That seems to be the plan as Display PostScript has now officially been designated the imaging model for Rhapsody, the next generation of the Mac OS. Line-layout technologies as well as colour management make the cut, while some of the more advanced graphics features (transparency) will be integrated later. MacWeek has the story.
  • Look for an anouncement from Apple about the short-term future of GX as part of the System 7.x releases soon. I know the answer, but can't say it. :-(
  • I have moved back to Canada and now work for Adrenaline Software. New e-mail is
  • The GX mailing lists are being moved to a new machine and should hopefully be up within the next 2 weeks.
  • Sorry about the silence. I must say that I am depressed about the whole state of the GX affair.

January 30, 1997

  • PaceWorks has released a demo version of ObjectDancer, their 2-D animation which leverages GX for the graphics and type functions to amazing effect.
  • Whither GX ? That is the question. My ears are open, and the disturbing news keeps trickling in. I wouldn't expect to see GX in its present state even through versions 1.2 and beyond ... I'll post more concrete info when I can.
  • Think about what people like about GX : the graphics and text handling. Think about what people don't like about GX : the printing (and the incompatibilities it can cause). You're halfway there.
  • Henry Norr has a column in MacWeek where he encourages Apple to donate GX to Adobe. Now consider that NextStep uses PostScript, what parts of GX would they use in developing the graphics environment for Rhapsody ? Remember what I said in the previous paragraph.

January 20, 1997

  • The UniQorn 1.2 update is available now for registered users at the Softpress web site. BTW, they have redesigned their web site and it looks pretty good.
  • GX development will continue on until at least the summer of 1998. Expect a GX 1.3 out next year. Right now, Apple is in the process of determining the feature set of GX 1.3, so if you have any suggestions, let me know and I will forward them to the folks at Apple.
  • The future graphics system of the MacOS (meanng the first version that combines NeXT and MacOS, not just NeXT)is no sure thing either. it probably won't be Display PostScript as we know it, but some sort of hyprid system of some sorts.
  • There is a new Apple web site for fonts. it's just starting out but should get better with time. Thanks to dave Opstad for the info.
  • The GX mailing lists are in transition right now. Please be patient. Having a hard time getting the mail out, and subscription services have dropped off temporarily.

January 16, 1997

  • My apologies for the lack of updates. MacWorld San Francisco and a big bad cold took most of my time. Lots of catching up to do.
  • PaceWorks officially released their new 2-D animation tool, ObjectDancer. They were selling it on the showfloor at MacWorld SF. It should be available soon from the main mail order places.
  • SoftPress Systems announced that they will soon be shipping UniQorn 1.2, a new version which uses the GXGraphics INIT instead of the full version of GX. This means you don't need GX installed and don't have to modify your fonts. Softpress has apparently worked around a know bug between ATM and the GXGraphics INIT which does not allow you to use type 1 Fonts. The normal workaround was to enable your fonts and use the full version of GX. They seem to have found a away around that problem. This bug still affects programs like ObjectDancer.
  • Dave Opstad sent me a new version of GXifier. Version 1.3d9 is available from the GXFC file Thanks Dave !
  • We are having some problems with the GXlists subscription process. Please send your requests to me.

January 2, 1997

  • The Cyberdog Pound has news of a GX text part for OpenDoc which will be announced on January 7th, 1997. Look for GXer to be announced next week. This will allow you to access GX's line layout functions in OpenDoc container applications like NisusWriter 5.0 and the upcoming version of WorldWrite, as well as the recently released Wav from Digital Harbor. Yay !
  • Lawrence D'Oliveiro has released a new version of GX Font Display 1.2. This is a HyperCard-based utility for browsing fonts under QuickDraw GX. Lawrence says, "You can examine uninstalled fonts, copy glyphs to the Clipboard for pasting into other applications, and create complete glyph charts that can be viewed and printed with SimpleView or imported into Lightning Draw . The major new feature in this version is support for browsing font variations. There is a slider that lets you alter a variation axis setting and observe its effect on the selected glyph in real time." The new version is available now at .
  • Happy New Year to all ! 1997 promisies to be a turning point for GX with the announced acquisition of NeXt ... we'll know next week what's up at MacWorld San Francisco!

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